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The Impression of Increase

Its been six months since I relocated to the NorthEast and I have been extremely intentional with the time, money and energy I invest in every facet of my life. Being a recluse in Baton Rouge really inhibited my ability to see what potential was out there and I was left with my life running in idle as I aimlessly seeked a medium for provide fulfillment. Although on the surface, my life appeared to be permeated with success, a paid off car, being a home owner, and lavish vacations, each of those endeavors was simply a means to temporarily find purpose in the meaningless motion that I viewed as life.

Sounds pretty depressing initially, but in retrospect I found a lot of beauty in that struggle. With the onset of the pandemic, I spent the majority of my time listening to myself and exploring what my actual purpose in life was. With close friends that kept me mentally engaged in that search for purpose, I was introduced to the idea of seeking abundance and manifesting things that I wanted for myself in life. I learned that if you could view something in your mind first then you can obtain it in reality. If your subconscious self was not trained and fine tuned to view these images, they will never manifest. So what does all that mean? You constantly here the guru's imploring that there is abundance for everyone and have faith in yourself- the played out, "never give up on yourself"- but with my journey I realized what all that meant. It isn't predicated on never giving up on a specific task or goal, it is never giving up on the idea of adding increase. Increase to the relationships and the people you love around you, increase in finances or even increase in the connectedness with yourself. If each day and the many interactions are founded in the principle of adding increase, in turn each day had a purpose. Each day, I was making one small step in the direction of progress. If you have in your mind a vision of where you want to be, these minor and consistent steps of progress will ultimately lead you to your goals. I was previously fixated on taking specific steps that are tangible, and can be measured but inevitably became overwhelmed with how much further I needed to go and compared my progress to the peers around. It was demoralizing. It has been a mental game changer to focus on any element of increase and not the larger goal.

How is this manifested in your daily life? Every morning I remind myself of who I want to be and where I see myself in life. That vision is built on three pillars- finances, relationships and mental/spiritual growth. I use every sense to imagine what it would be like to reach the pinnacle of success in each of those elements. I then think through what minor action can I perform throughout the day that feeds into that vision. If I want to be a supportive and dedicated friend, I'd find myself making a random review of a business that one of my friends manages. If I envision myself as a loving husband, I would send a random bouquet of flowers to someone that I feel deserves them. If I want to be a crypto millionaire, I would read an article on new metaverse technology. These minor commitments feeds into my desire to make progress but leaves room for ambiguity, for the unknown. Who knows how the next day, or even the next moment, can change the direction of your life. Despite the change you experience, I can sleep well knowing that I made progress. I left the impression of increase in my mind.

This, take everyday as an independent day approach, had a very unexpected impact on my life. I found that when I focused on today and accepted that tomorrow could result in a completely different outcome, I started to enjoy the pleasures of life and the interactions I was having in the moment. The year-end financial goal and the long term relationship was never heavy on my mind but I could embrace the fact that one person smiled and had a positive interaction because of a decision I made. If I lost money in the market, I learned that one lesson that one day would lead to an abundance of profit. Each failure or gap that I experienced was a lesson, not an indication of inadequacy. This shift in mindset really allowed for me to see what true value I gave to the world and the people around me. If a relationship soured, I was confident that I did what I felt was right in the moment and could live with the outcome because what was for me, will be obtained. Living by the idea of always leaving an impression of increase has given me the confidence to fully commit each day with no regrets. That one commitment towards a goal will one day result in the life of abundance destined for me.


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