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Effective Strategies to Unlock Your True Potential

This article contains a few strategies that have proven to be effective in unlocking your true potential in life. Despite whether this potential exists in the professional or personal realm, by implementing these thoughts and ideas in your daily routine you will find both an abundance of love and success but also greater appreciation for your contributions to the world. Successful incorporation of these techniques in your life will immediately yield favorable results that will leave you yearning to unlock more of your potential. Enjoy!



The first and most important step in pursuit of an unlocked potential is genuinely and deeply loving yourself. Until the mind and spirit are both aligned on the idea that you are worthy, all opportunities for greater success will be overlooked due to lack of confidence in your ability to meet the demands of the challenge.

  1. Purchase a 11" x 17" dry erase board and think about all of your vulnerabilities. Be brutally honest with your assessment of yourself with comments around physical, mental and spiritual goals. Now think of who and what you want to be. Is there a certain weight goal? A new skill you want to master? A personality trait that you believe is important to your life? Write down the top five goals you want to accomplish in the present tense i.e. I am 130lbs and in good physical shape, I am a proficient saxophone player, I am a loving and caring friend. Place this dry erase board in a location where you are certain to see it everyday. Each morning recite your daily aspirations. Be sure to include, "I am worthy", "I am happy", "I deserve abundance" and "I love myself"


In tandem with visualizing and believing in your personal worthiness, it is also very important to be grateful for yourself and the influences around you. A daily gentle reminder of the gratitude that we have for being healthy, having a job or experiences with close friends are all extremely important in setting the tone for the day. Recognizing the things you can share with the world is the a great way to improve motivation to make a difference throughout the day.

  1. Find a note pad or use the notes app in your phone and spend 5 minutes each morning to ask yourself "What you are you grateful for?" and "What would make today great?". Write down three answers for each question.

Display Appreciation

I think we can all agree that putting a smile on someone else face is almost as rewarding as receiving a compliment yourself. As humans we naturally want to feel like we a part of a community and providing a moment of happiness is the foundation of that natural instinct. Don't be afraid to share love and appreciation for those people that you care about. Be vulnerable and express how you truly feel about people. The more love you share the more love that will be reciprocated.

  1. Each day make it a priority to do a single act to make someone else smile.

  2. On a weekly basis, send a note of appreciation to someone you deeply care for in your life. Thank them for their contributions to your life and be specific on the things you appreciate. If you are in good financial standing, consider accompanying this note with a thoughtful gift.

Determine Your "Why"

Have you ever experienced a victory or accomplished a goal but almost immediately afterwards felt just as empty on the inside as you did prior to the accomplishment? If you have experienced this before, it is likely due to the fact that this goal was not in full alignment with your "why". Your "why" is a singular vision or goal that you feel is your purpose for being in this world. From helping those less fortunate to creating a company to provide a certain deficiency in your community, each step and goal that you invest energy into should be a stepping stone to fulfilling that ultimate "why".

  1. Spend a few hours of deep self-reflection and challenge yourself to find what truly drives you as a human. What do you want to accomplish in your life? When will you be able to say that your life was successful? Imagine being a spectator at your funeral, what are the things you would want you closest family and friends to say about you and your legacy? Are you living in alignment with this vision? Make the changes now while you can.

Evaluate how you Expend your Energy

I like to believe that each human has a measurable amount of energy that is available for investment each day. This energy can be expended in the gym as you perfect your body, at your job while you challenge yourself for professional development or at home fostering relationships with significant others or family. The key concept to understand is that our energy is limited. If you want to prioritize professional successes, you will likely have to sacrifice the relationships that you share in your life. With that, it is important to set clear limitations on the things that you are willing to accept and in turn, invest your energy into. If you feel that your expectations are not being met, make an intentional decision on whether this energy investment is worthy. The easiest way to ensure your energy is most efficient is to always be truthful , deliberate and intentional with every decision you make.

  1. Write down your top priorities for your energy. Be very transparent on what type of investments are most important for you at this specific time of your life. Once your list of important investments is complete, identify the percentage of time/energy you want to invest in each. Take daily notes on how much time you spent on each priority and make realignments when time investments become inconsistent with your plan.

Be Unfuckwithable

Now that we have mastered each of the aforementioned strategies, you are now prepared to excel in your life. Being unfuckwithable in my perspective is a mental cruise control where you are so focused on making it to your destination that all external influences that are not aligned with your goal are completely disregarded. Your energy and emotions are centered on a common goal that is driven by internal values and morals and shielded from all external influences. The important people and things in your life will be forced to either get in alignment with your goals or be left behind; unfuckwithable means you are comfortable with either outcome.

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