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The initial thought we all have when faced with an unexpected death is, "Why him?". It invariably feels as if the folks that God decides to prematurely beckon to heaven, are in the midst of their personal awakening or even worst, have just realized their true purpose in life. We are instantly inundated with emotions of immense confusion and a lack of understanding of how God could even have it in his heart to break the cycle of growing old with an opportunity to build a beautiful family drenched in love and happiness. How could God make such a selfish decision? We weren't ready.

I've battled with these emotions several times thus far in my life and have somehow found understanding. Through my countless nights of prayer and tears, I realized that God was not making the decision to take these souls away from us. He decided that those souls have made the impact that they were intended to make in the bodily form. There is a finite amount of energy in this world and each of us has the capacity to plant a seed of energy and love in each person we interact with. Once these seeds are sowed, and the fruits of a beautiful soul are realized in each individual that was blessed to have shared a special moment with a passing loved one. Yes, we can no longer hug our loved ones, no longer hear them laugh or see them smile. But each time we close our eyes and think of those moments a seed was planted in our hearts, an intense feeling of calm and comfort soothes our soul. These moments are subtle reminders that their spirits are still alive in our hearts. We are blessed not by a physical body, but an omnipresent spirit that will always be watching over us and consoling each of us in our most desperate times of need.

Any and every loss will be difficult. But it is up to us to continue to live in the spirit of our loved ones and continue to sow those seeds that were planted in our precious interactions. Our way of connecting with that spirit is sharing that same feeling that they provided you with, with someone else. Make someone else laugh as loud as what your loved one effortlessly made you laugh. Hug someone as tight as that one warm hug you cannot forget. And love the people around you like the love you wish you could still share. If we continue to prioritize these emotions in our lives, we will truly understand that each loved one is more spiritually harmonized with you than ever before. And that next time that you feel the deep desire to feel their presence you can look within instead of asking God, "Why him?".

I loving Memory of those loved ones still in my heart



Uncle Bob

Aunt Cheryl

I am grateful to still feel your presence.

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