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Visualize, Coordinate & Execute- How to make a dream your reality

We often reach that point of contention in our lives where the constant and steady emotions around meeting a certain goal are finally met with an overwhelming desire to sacrifice it all to make it happen. I like to refer to this epiphanous moment, where things just click in our heads, as the point of revolution. An individual can have many points of revolution throughout their lives. From choosing a career, a life passion or even a soul mate, we must come to that point when our mind, heart and soul all align and are unquestionably dedicated to accomplishing a goal. The most interesting part about this point of revolution is that you cannot fully commit to something in your life without that experience. A fitness goal will never be accomplished if you don't visualize yourself as a "new person" coupled with consistently convincing yourself day in and day out that hitting the gym and skipping those sweets are what is best for you; not just best for you in the immediate sense but for your life's purpose.

I've always been a huge proponent of mental clarity because without a clear understanding of your vision and what you want out of your life, you will always be competing internally with your priorities. Your mind wants immediate satisfaction, your heart wants long term security and love, while your soul is always going to seek a purpose. It is virtually impossible to meet a goal with each of these drives fully active. In order to meet your life objectives, you must focus on a single vision for your life and what you ultimately believe will fulfill and bring you happiness. Be very vivid with the details associated with this vision and obsess over it. When all you can think about is achieving this vision, then you are now prepared to start developing intermediate goals to get you steps closer to your ultimate vision Focus on singular actions that can be completed throughout the day to get you closer to that goal. Now extend that to weekly actions, monthly actions, yearly and finally 3-year goals. This vision should include the following aspects of your life: financial, love, purpose, and happiness.


Financial: How much money do you see yourself having in your perfect life? How do you make that money and what are the things you spend it on? Use all of your senses to think about what that aspect of your life looks like.


Love: What type of you see for yourself? What type of relationship do you see with your partner and hobbies you share with each other? What are the key characteristics that you prioritize? Visualize the love you want and what it feels like to experience it.


Purpose: What do you do to live a fulfilling and memorable life? What do you want to look back on at the end of your life and say you are proud of? What are the things you would want your friends and family to say about you at your funeral? Think about what you need to make that happen and how full you soul would be once you realize that passion.


Happiness: What makes you smile and anxious to get up every morning? What specific things will make each day memorable? Who do you spend those happy moments with?


Once you have a clear and robust vision of what you want, the next and most important step is to understand what specific actions you need to take to make that vision a reality. Each day if you focus on those preliminary steps, you will be getting one step closer to living your best and memorable life.

From me with love.

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